New life for old (musical instruments) in Ipswich

musicWhen Revd Angela Oakey-Jones appointed John and Amanda Lockyer to be the new organists at All Hallows Church in the Gainsborough area of Ipswich, she would never have imagined that within their first year working together she’d be asking people to hunt out unwanted musical instruments from their lofts and other forgotten corners of their homes. But this is exactly what she’s doing!

After just one day of asking, pledges of 2 descant recorders, 3 guitars, a trumpet, a junior violin and a clarinet have been received, as well as a generous financial donation towards the cost of another instrument. But why would a parish priest ask people to venture into their dusty corners and hand over their unused musical instruments?

“It all has to do with sharing the friendship which Jesus shares with me” says Angela, Priest in Charge at All Hallows Church, Ipswich, “I found friends and faith by singing in a church choir and so I want to share friendship and faith with local people; and the best way I can think of doing it is through music and singing.”

The Gainsborough area isn’t known for having much spare money, in fact it’s in the highest 10% of the UK in terms of need, but there’s a real vibrancy here, over 700 children attend our local primary schools and many are gifted in dance and performing arts. So talent isn’t in short supply – but instruments are.

John and Amanda have many years’ experience teaching music and have set up a junior choir at the Church “We see this as an exciting opportunity to broaden the musical experience of the children in the Choir and provide them with skills for life.”

Reading this, it won’t surprise you to know that we’ll offer a home at All Hallows for your unwanted musical instrument – if you have one.  Size is no object – anything from a recorder to a trombone, an ocarina to a set of drums. (If you have an unwanted piano, it would help us to know if it’s in tune!) If you feel able to donate it, Angela, John and Amanda will find a way for it to transform a young person’s life.