Thy Kingdom Come 2018: from the Archbishops


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

‘Receive the Holy Spirit, as the Father sent me so I send you…’ Thy Kingdom Come: 10th -20th May 2018

Jesus Christ is the Saviour of the world. He brings us hope. Christian disciples are made alive by his saving grace in the power of the Holy Spirit to witness to this living hope. The difference that the love of Jesus brings to individuals and the world is eternally transformative. When Jesus teaches his disciples to pray, he puts the cry, ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ on their lips. When we pray for the coming of the Kingdom we are praying for the difference Jesus makes. In the days between Ascension Day and Pentecost we pray each year for a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit throughout the Church. We do this, so that, filled with the life-giving Spirit, we are enabled to proclaim and bear witness to the Good News of Jesus Christ. So that families, friends, neighbours and colleagues discover and experience for themselves the difference Jesus makes.

In July the General Synod of the Church of England clearly expressed the view that we should continue to set these ten days aside to pray, ‘Thy Kingdom Come’. It has been a great joy to see the Church engage in prayer for the coming of God’s Kingdom, and for our proclamation, witness and service in the wider world. In the last two years we have been profoundly moved hearing of the participation of local churches and cathedrals, chaplaincies and colleges, schools and prisons across the traditions, in every denomination, in this great wave of prayer.

The reason we write is twofold:

1. To encourage you to do all you can to enable your community to participate in Thy Kingdom Come 2018. We will be providing help and resources to facilitate a vast variety of events and ways of being involved, across the traditions and practices of the church. These will be available on

2. To invite you, in response to all that was prayed this year, to consider what you might be called to do. We ask ourselves in faith – how can we allow God to use us in answer to our prayers? Our great hope would be that every church, every chaplaincy team, every fresh expression, every cathedral involves themselves in activity which has as its hope, prayer and expectation that people encounter Jesus Christ and know the difference he brings. We hope that this booklet, based on a model by Bishop Stephen Cottrell, Bishop of Chelmsford, will help this process. May we encourage you to share it with your colleagues, PCCs, teams and chapters in order to discern what you might do.

Providentially in 2018, Christian Aid Week falls within the ten days of ‘Thy Kingdom Come’. This is a gift to us, as it makes the vital connection between the coming of the Kingdom of God and the prayer ‘Come, Holy Spirit’. Jesus, the Christ, anointed to bring good news to the poor, liberty to captives, recovery of sight to the blind, announces the year of God’s favour. By his incarnation, teaching, works of power, commitment to the poor, passion, death, resurrection and ascension he embodies and inaugurates the coming of the rule of God on earth. We are sent in his name, empowered by the Holy Spirit, to proclaim the King and do the work of the Kingdom.

Therefore let us pray ‘Come Holy Spirit’, trusting that God is more willing to give than we are to receive and that the supreme gift, by which we are renewed daily, is abundantly poured out on us, that we may proclaim faithfully and effectively the living hope Jesus Christ is for all.

Yours in Christ,



Professional Workshop: Science and Faith in the Local Church

Garden Room, Library Building, St Edmund’s College Cambridge: Jan 10-11, 2018

Deadline for applications: December 10, 2017

Aim of Course

A professional workshop aimed at church leaders, lay or ordained, and those in training. The workshop will include lectures by leading experts on key issues at the intersection of science and Christian faith such as cosmology, evolutionary biology, genetics, ecology and neuroscience. There will be plenty of opportunity for group discussion and practical application to local church contexts.

The workshop will run from 9.30am on Wednesday 10 Jan 2018 to 5pm on Thursday 11 Jan 2018 and there will be no evening sessions. The cost of this two day workshop is only £50 which includes tea & coffee breaks, a sandwich lunch on both days and all workshop materials. Places are limited to 50.

NB: delegates will be responsible for their own overnight accommodation and evening meals. There are many places to eat within walking distance and a list of accommodation will be provided on request.

Speakers (listed in alphabetical order) and topics

Click on a speaker’s name to obtain brief biographical details.


The Garden Room is on the ground floor of the Library Building which is located in the far left-hand corner as you enter the College grounds. The free buffet lunch is served there.

Application Form

1.5 Million Buttons Needed For School Holocaust Memorial Project

Pupils at The Lakes School in Windermere are appealing for anybody with unwanted buttons to help them reach their massive 1.5 million total for a holocaust memorial project.

Teacher Laura Oram says the school wants to create a memorial that acknowledges the million victims, with a pupil suggesting that buttons of different colours and sizes could represent each victim and would help to visualise the tragedy. More than 3,000 buttons have been collected so far. Laura said: “With our school’s history, and connection to the 300 ‘Windermere Boys’ who were liberated from concentration camps in 1945, we felt that this was a project we could run with. 3,000 is a good start, but obviously far short of the 1.5 million we have decided to collect. Please check your bits and bobs drawers, sewing boxes and let us have any buttons you no longer need for our memorial. We’d like to make this a global project, having representation in the final display from all over the globe. So please share this post and get it around the world.”

You can send buttons to Laura at The Lakes School, Windermere, Cumbria LA23 1HW. You can email her at


Here’s the Mitzvah Day flier

What is Mitzvah Day?

Join 40,000 people on Sunday 19th November 2017 to volunteer for the community around us.  Mitzvah Day is the largest multi-faith day of social action in the UK.

Mitzvah Day is a Jewish-led day of social action that brings thousands of people together of all faiths and none, and all ages, to give their time, NOT their money, to make a difference to the local community around them on Mitzvah Day.

Beth Shalom Reform Synagogue and Cambridge City of Sanctuary invite faith groups to collect items for CamCRAG on Sunday 19th November for their next convoy to France.

A list of the items needed is below.

Donations may be dropped off at Beth Shalom, Auckland Road, Cambridge CB5 8DW between 1pm and 5pm. For directions see This is drop-off only as there is no easy parking, but volunteers will be on hand to help. If you need goods collecting, please contact a City of Sanctuary volunteer on email:

Office 2 353-359 Finchley Road London NW3 6ET +44 20 3747 9960 Mitzvah Day @MitzvahDay Charity no. 1125682

CamCRAG is collecting donations for refugees facing winter living on the streets in Northern France.

The following items only will be collected by City of Sanctuary on November 19th. Please ensure that all items are brand new and well within any expiry date:


Baby wipes

Men’s razors

Spray deodorant (men’s)



Shaving foam

Packs of tissues

Hand sanitiser

Hair oil

Talcum powder


Golden Syrup

Olive Oil


Plain Flour

Tomato Puree

Lemon Juice

UHT Milk

Tinned tomatoes (ring pull top)

White sugar

Tinned chickpeas (ring pull top)

Kidney beans (tinned)

Dried fruit and nuts

Salt and black pepper

Cardamom, turmeric, chilli flakes

Curry leaves, star anise, bay leaves


Washing up liquid

Bin bags (strong)

Plastic gloves

Disinfectant spray

Cling Film

Strong biodegradable bin bags

Orange tape

Brown parcel tape

Permanent markers

Unlocked phones with chargers

Cambridge City of Sanctuary autumn actions

We are all invited to take part in a simple and practical action to help refugees on Nov 19th 2017. Mitzvah Day is a Jewish tradition on which individuals make a small gesture or do a good turn to help others.
Cambridge City of Sanctuary, Beth Shalom Synagogue, and Cambridge Convoy Refugee Action Group (CamCrag) have teamed together to invite your congregation or group to participate by asking members to donate on that day a small item or items needed for the next CamCrag convoy. We attach a flier with details. We hope that you will be able to organise this collection in your organisation. Items collected can be dropped off at Beth Shalom that afternoon, or we can collect (see comments below for details).
Refugees in France are facing the winter, and many are on the streets or in make-shift camps. Our help is badly needed. We very much hope that you can adopt this simple and practical idea. You may decide to concentrate on certain items, or to give your members the choice of the full list on the flier. Please note – we are NOT collecting clothes, and do not want anything that is not on the list! Please put Mitzvah day into your diary now, and begin planning.
CCOS are looking for some volunteers to help on the Sunday afternoon the 19th with receiving and sorting items. Please let Rosemary or Lianne know if you can help. It would also be helpful to know whether your Faith Group is planning to promote this idea and make a collection, so we have some idea of the likely up-take. If you have any queries, just get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you.


Like London buses, we have two great ideas coming at once! Here is another request for your help:
Cambridge City of Sanctuary is discussing teaming up with Winter Comfort to hold a “sleep-out” in town to highlight the plight of refugees who are homeless this winter. What would make this idea a reality would be the offer of a venue. Does any faith group have a church yard or similar, preferably in a noticeable location, with access to toilets, where this could take place?
If you think you could help, please get in touch with Tony King on

With best wishes,
Lianne Parrett (
Rosemary Watson (
City of Sanctuary Faiths’ Group