Updates on recent events: Montreal

Updates on recent events: Montreal

The Ordered Universe Project

It has been a busy month or so for the Ordered Universe, as we come to the end of October, and, almost a full year since the award of major AHRC funding for the project. Work is proceeding apace on the first volume from the project which will comprise the edition, translation and analysis of the De artibus liberalibus, the De generatione sonorum and the Middle English treatise On the Seven Liberal Arts. In addition a more scientific analysis of aspects from the De generatione sonorum is nearing completion – news and updates in due course. In the meantime, Giles Gasper gave two lecture in late September and early October: the first at McGill University, the second the annual Grosseteste Day lecture at Bishop Grosseteste University in Lincoln.

The lecture at McGill, by very kind courtesy of the Mellon Foundation, organised by Faith Wallis and Alice Sharp, took…

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Science and Faith in the Local Church: a professional workshop for church leaders


Well worth booking with a great line-up of speakers including

and, it seems, me – leading off on the 11th with a talk on “Building Better Bridges – science and faith working together historically, naturally and locally”.

New Sheldon Hub support blog for clergy being launched this week


Sheldon write:

We’re launching a new Hub blog this week. 

The blog your’re reading here is on the ‘real world Sheldon’ site. It is the behind-the-scenes progress report on the birthing of the project. This blog will end when the Hub is launched in 2017. 

The new blog will be a permanent part of the Hub itself. The main Hub content and its community will be protected by a confidential boundary wall. The Hub Blog will be an outward facing ambassador for this resource. Its job will be to signpost people who might be in need of help towards the Hub’s supportive community and reliable advice. The new blog will be limited to a quickly readable 100 – 200 words and we’ll be aiming to publish once a week. 

The Sheldon team will create the content, but we need all supporters and members of the Hub to share that content widely, especially any social media* channels that you use.

If you are a subscriber to this blog as at 15th October 2016, then you will automatically be subscribed to the new blog as well. (If you don’t want to be, then just click the unsubscribe link in the usual way.) If you’re coming to this page later then here’s the link

We have also launched two social media channels dedicated to supporting and publicising the Hub. Again we would stress that these are NOT the Hub itself and we will NOT be sharing private Hub content here. But we do plan to use them as tasters and signposters because they can be such an easy way for supporters and members to spread the word. The Hub will gain credibility and grow its membership if people like you share your love for it. 

If you believe in the Hub then please do sign up and then SHARE, LIKE, COMMENT, RETWEET etc. Don’t just be a passive reader, harness the power of social media to help get the word out.

Spoiler alert – the first 7 weeks of the Blog will be exploring the 7 words “The Sheldon Hub – Doing Healthy Ministry Together”.

*Although the Hub itself is technically a social media site (definition: a website that enables users to create and share content and participate in social networking) it’s NOT social media in the commonly understood sense of channels like Twitter or Facebook. These public sites are open to abusive behaviour like trolling, and do things like collect your data to target advertising to you. The Hub is a very ‘pure’ form of social media with a supportive community – you know you are only talking with other people in ministry, and anyone who behaves badly will have their membership withdrawn. End of story. No-one will be collecting your data or targeting advertising at you. It is an opportunity to harness many of the upsides of new technology while avoiding most of the downsides.



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Handouts for today’s Science and Religion Seminar

Our three speakers (Dr. Daniel De Haan on‘Has Neuroscience Disproved Free Will?; Dr. Peter Woodford on ‘Is Evolutionary Cooperation the Natural Foundation of Ethics?’; Dr. Natalja Deng on‘Can Cosmological Fine-Tuning Constitute An Argument for God’s Existence?’) have very kindly made their handouts available for us – and here they are:


Ely Science Seminar this coming Saturday: Getting to Grips with BIG QUESTIONS About Science and Religion

Q Mark

Do you ever wonder how science and religion can work well together? Or puzzle about the ethical questions science can raise? An innovative Saturday morning seminar on just these issues is being held in Ely on October 15th in the Old Palace Lecture Room (next to the Cathedral) between 10.00 and 12.30am. Three Cambridge post-doctoral researchers are currently working in science labs at the University to help them reflect on the big ethical questions that their work raises. On Saturday Professor Sarah Coakley will chair a quick-fire 10 minute talk by each of them, with time for questions and discussions afterwards. Admission is free and there is no need to book: just turn up.

The three researchers are Dr. Daniel De Haan who will speak on‘Has Neuroscience Disproved Free Will?; Dr. Peter Woodford on ‘Is Evolutionary Cooperation the Natural Foundation of Ethics?’; Dr. Natalja Deng on‘Can Cosmological Fine-Tuning Constitute An Argument for God’s Existence?’

For further details please contact the Bishop of Huntingdon’s office
bishop.huntingdon@elydiocese.org 01353 662137