Cambridge City of Sanctuary autumn actions

We are all invited to take part in a simple and practical action to help refugees on Nov 19th 2017. Mitzvah Day is a Jewish tradition on which individuals make a small gesture or do a good turn to help others.
Cambridge City of Sanctuary, Beth Shalom Synagogue, and Cambridge Convoy Refugee Action Group (CamCrag) have teamed together to invite your congregation or group to participate by asking members to donate on that day a small item or items needed for the next CamCrag convoy. We attach a flier with details. We hope that you will be able to organise this collection in your organisation. Items collected can be dropped off at Beth Shalom that afternoon, or we can collect (see comments below for details).
Refugees in France are facing the winter, and many are on the streets or in make-shift camps. Our help is badly needed. We very much hope that you can adopt this simple and practical idea. You may decide to concentrate on certain items, or to give your members the choice of the full list on the flier. Please note – we are NOT collecting clothes, and do not want anything that is not on the list! Please put Mitzvah day into your diary now, and begin planning.
CCOS are looking for some volunteers to help on the Sunday afternoon the 19th with receiving and sorting items. Please let Rosemary or Lianne know if you can help. It would also be helpful to know whether your Faith Group is planning to promote this idea and make a collection, so we have some idea of the likely up-take. If you have any queries, just get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you.


Like London buses, we have two great ideas coming at once! Here is another request for your help:
Cambridge City of Sanctuary is discussing teaming up with Winter Comfort to hold a “sleep-out” in town to highlight the plight of refugees who are homeless this winter. What would make this idea a reality would be the offer of a venue. Does any faith group have a church yard or similar, preferably in a noticeable location, with access to toilets, where this could take place?
If you think you could help, please get in touch with Tony King on

With best wishes,
Lianne Parrett (
Rosemary Watson (
City of Sanctuary Faiths’ Group


Cambridge Hospital Chaplaincy vacancy

Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust logo

Chaplain Band 6

“We are looking to appoint an experienced Chaplain who is able to work flexibly and creatively to deliver effective pastoral and spiritual care within an acute Trust that is investing in its chaplaincy service.
The chaplains work closely with bereavement officers, an experienced team of chaplaincy volunteers, as well as with a range of other staff. They are expected to be involved in multi-disciplinary team meetings and Trust-wide strategic groups. The applicant will therefore need to have demonstrable team working skills.
You will have a proven record of pastoral experience, have worked within a healthcare environment and have excellent communication/interpersonal skills.”




Full Time 37.5 hours per week and on call hours

Job ref


£26,565 to £35,577 p.a. pro rata


26/10/2017 23:59

From LICC: Whole Life Preaching resource now available

From LICC:
It’s Sunday. The church gathers. Individuals, couples, families. Students, stay-at-home parents, those in employment and those not, the retired and those hoping to retire. Different backgrounds, different lifestyles, different frontlines. All of them, in their own ways, want to serve Jesus in their situations, and be faithful witnesses to him. 

So how will our preaching disciple such a diverse body of people for their everyday lives – to help them make a difference wherever they are?

Whole Life Preaching is a new online video series from LICC on the power of preaching for everyday life. In six short films Antony Billington (Head of Theology, LICC) and Neil Hudson (Imagine Project Director, LICC), themselves regular preachers, explore how a focus on whole-life disciplemaking can transform the way we preach.
Whether you’re an experienced preacher or just starting out, Whole Life Preaching will help you to consider how God can shape us all, through preaching, for the calling he has given us on our daily frontlines.
The full series is available free online now at alongside materials for individuals and groups to explore further and suggestions of things to do.
Watch Episode 1 now:

‘These short videos are going to help countless preachers around the world.’
Revd Mark Meynell, Director (Europe & Caribbean), Langham Preaching, Langham Partnership

‘This new resource from LICC is a great gift to us all.’
Dr Krish Kandiah, Founding Director: Home for Good

May God bless you this week in all you do.
The LICC team.

Be an angel: help protect the lead roofs of our Cambridgeshire Churches

imageMany of our local churches have angels in their roofs: these are at St Wendreda’s in March. But our roofs are under threat and they could do with some real life angels to help them as well as wooden ones. Could that be you? Here is a guest post from Denis Payne, Appeal Secretary for the Cambridgeshire Historic Churches Trust, that is trying to find the funds to make a real difference:

Did you know that there was a problem with church roofs that are lead covered? And one that can be solved with a just bit of help?

Many historic churches have lead roofs – it does the job superbly, it’s low maintenance and it’s part of the historic, listed, structure. It’s also valuable – about £1,000 a ton – and can easily be recycled. A church roof can be 7 or more tons of lead – and far too many are finding that thieves are stealing that!

You might think that insurance would cover the costs of repair and reinstatement (all the more costly for listed buildings, of course). But insurers insist on a specialist roof alarm. Without it, the only support a church might get from an insurer is to put in place a temporary cover.

To help churches put  the necessary alarms in place (at a cost of around £5,000 each) the CHCT is trying to put together a funding package to pay half that cost. Seventeen churches are already being helped at this level. And the Police and Crime Commissioner for Cambridgeshire has just promised £10,000: that’s great news and means there are six more churches we can help.

But we believe that around 25 further churches still need this protection: and we are urgently appealing for further funds to allow us to help them – and as soon as possible, as a major source of funding only runs to the end of this year.

Can you help? Every gift of £1,500 means that CHCT can offer a 50% grant to the cost of another alarm and protect another Cambridgeshire church and community. Please contact me, Denis Payne on 07450 850970 or at if you or a trust you know are able to help. We and the churches of Cambridgeshire will be most grateful.

Fun and Faith at Foxton

I was at Foxton yesterday for their Harvest Festival, covering for Rector Angela Melaniphy who is recuperating from an operation: but perhaps she made it to church after all? It was great to be with the people there and later at Fowlmere, who seemed in good heart as they wait for Angela’s return. Many thanks to all those who are sharing the load.

Celebrate our Link with South India as the CSI has its 25th anniversary

TODAY, Sep 27th,  the Church of South India celebrates its 70th anniversary.  The Vellore Link has a letter with some suggestions on how to celebrate this, along with 2 liturgies and the prayer cycle for Vellore.  We also have our ‘Candles of Hope Christmas Gifts appeal and an advert about a young people’s visit to Vellore. Here is the letter from Canon Paul Hills, Co-Chair of the Link Committee:

Celebrating the 70th anniversary of the Church of South India
and 25 years of the link between
Cambridgeshire Ecumenical Council and the Diocese of Vellore
Dear Friends

The Church of South India began on 27th September 1947. This was a month after India gained its independence from the United Kingdom. Since the start of the century many of the Christians living in South India wanted to end the differences between denominations and to have a self-reliant and independent church. It took many years of negotiations and attempts at unity before the various parent bodies reached agreements on the final scheme for unity.

The Anglican, Congregation, Presbyterian and Methodist Churches in South India joined together to form the Church of South India (CSI). There are 24 dioceses, each led by an elected bishop. CSI is the second largest Christian denomination in India.

The CSI works with some of the poorest people in South India, regardless of their faith. Central to its work is supporting dalit concerns, rights of women and children, equality and access for those with disabilities, and ecological concerns. The Synod Youth Board is very active and is the Women’s Fellowship. These concerns are shared with the dioceses of CSI.

The 70th anniversary of the Church of South India gives us a chance to celebrate with our brothers and sisters in India and to recommit ourselves to find ways to work together with Christians of all denominations for God’s mission.

The Diocese of Vellore and Cambridgeshire Ecumenical Council Link was considered from the time that the Cambridgeshire Ecumenical Council came into being, in 1990, and the first official visit was made to Vellore in December 1992.

Vellore Diocese was formed in January 1976, so is one of the newest dioceses in South India. It is a mainly rural diocese in Tamil Nadu. The town of Vellore is famous across the world because it is the home of the Christian Medical College, founded by Ida Scudder. In this century, it has also seen the birth of the Vellore Institute of Technology, an internationally acclaimed private engineering college, and The Golden Temple, which pilgrims come from all over India to visit.

The diocese has 78 pastorates (each pastorate may include several rural churches), plus 99 elementary schools, 5 high schools, 1 higher education college, 2 hospitals and a number of training institutes.

Over the past 25 years, many people have made the journey to Vellore and many churches have received visitors from Vellore. Through that exchange, people have found their faith reinvigorated, inspiration to make changes in their lives and the joy of fellowship with other Christians. At the moment, with Christian Aid, we are working with one another on issues of climate change.

The 25th anniversary of the Diocese of Vellore and Cambridgeshire Ecumenical Council Link gives us the opportunity to rejoice at all that we have learned from one another of God’s love and hospitality.

So – celebrate!


  • however you chose to celebrate these anniversaries, try to do them with Christians from other churches, in the spirit of the CSI and of our link!


  • on the Diocese of Ely website ( are two acts of worship – a CSI Communion Service and an act of worship produced by the CSI Youth Synod. Perhaps you could use one of these.
  • a quick Google search will bring up lots of different prayers for the Church of South India, and compilations of prayers also include prayers from the CSI
  • also on the Ely Diocese website is a monthly prayer cycle for the diocese of Vellore


  • have a curry evening for your community, or serve Indian snacks after church


  • invite someone from the Vellore Link Group, or someone who has visited our partner diocese in Vellore to come and speak about the experience


  • as a church, a group of churches or even as individuals, support our partners in Vellore by giving a ‘Candle of Hope’ alternative Christmas gift
  • look out for Lent materials on Climate Change produced jointly by Cambridgeshire and Vellore

VISIT – or support a visit

  • we’re hoping to take a group of young people to Vellore in the summer of 2018. Encourage someone from your church to take part – and perhaps find a way to support them financially.
Revd Canon Paul Hills

Co-Chair of the Cambridgeshire – Vellore Link Committee

All the resources are going onto the Diocesan website. The Vellore landing page is and a special 70 Years page at