Songs of Praise at St Nicholas, Kennett

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A splendid Songs of Praise at St Nicholas Church. Kennett as we dedicated a new altar cloth in memory of Robin Watson and celebrated Mary Deary’s 43-year term of office as Churchearden. And a band! And tea!


The Worldwide President has come to stay!


It’s a delight to welcome an old friend from Cumbria days, Lynne Tembey – now Worldwide President of the Mothers’ Union no less – to stay for a few days at no. 14 as she visits the Diocese. She has a full programme planned (of course) and lots of hospitality is lined up (it is the MU after all). As well as being a delightful person, Lynne has made a real mark on the MU, helping it re-shape to fulfil its world-wide calling in today’s world, and with a big heart for speaking out on and telling the stories of some painful aspects of our modern world such as gender-based violence that it would be all too easy to brush under the carpet. Thank you Lynne; thank you MU in the Diocese of Ely; and have a good time!

Remembering Grenfell with love and hope

Fleur Patten of Ely Rock Eels ( asked me along yesterday to bless their collection of painted Grenfell memorial stones (70+ with the names on of those who died as well as other messages of hope and love). The stones are going down to Grenfell today and will be placed in one of the local churches. It was very special to work with the group to first express our love for and desire to bless one another by joining hands, then include the stones in the circle, and then remember that when not just we but God bless, His blessing really makes a difference in bringing hope and new life out of desperate situations. For me it was also a real instance of how in the way society is shaped today the historic church and new forms of social concern and action can work together. Let’s not just wait for another tragedy to do more.

The press were there to record the event. See A BBC camera-reporter also took some footage: did anyone see it broadcast?

Grateful thanks to the wonderful Bridget Hickish of Ely i magazine for the photo.

Of hope, establish it; of love, kindle it; of faith, increase it: address to Ely Diocesan Synod, June 13th 2018

I was walking past the Cathedral a few days ago, after I’d said my prayers but still quite early in the morning, when I heard a voice. No, not God; but a man’s voice coming in my direction, clear and cheerful: “Could you just talk me through the steps of redemption, please?” My heart leapt; and a moment later the man caught up with me, walked past and continued his conversation with his financial advisor on his mobile phone. It says it all really. Continue reading

Woodyard Group open weekends

If you’re free, do drop by and see and maybe even invest in beautiful artwork by Rosemary Dodgson and other members of the Woodyard Group – three weekends in July as part of the Cambridge Open Studios event.

Rosemary says:

“This year more of my show will be fine botanical works with a range of watercolours plus a series of fuchsias in pen and ink with watercolour but in addition I will also be showing a series of jellyfish portraits in acrylic along with a few other pictures to add variety.”


A job in the Borders…

An old friend from Carlisle days was just in touch to flag up this vacancy. I think he might have been angling to see if I was looking for a retirement post… I don’t normally advertise other dioceses’ vacancies, but if you do happen to be looking for a house-for-duty ministry, retirement or otherwise, and our offerings aren’t right for you, this has to be one of the more spectacular ones on offer! (And no, I am not about to change my mind and pitch for it myself.)