News from the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Task Group on Responsible Credit and Savings

2015 started with the announcement that the Government will fund the pilot phase, in three areas, of LifeSavers, the primary school savings club programme developed by the Church of England with Young Enterprise and ABCUL.

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Polly Taylor

Mark Lyonette, Chief Executive of the Association of British Credit Unions (ABCUL), explains why he is enthusiastic about the potential for partnerships between churches and credit unions.

“We often hear calls to action from prominent people, only for those words to fade from the public consciousness without much happening to follow it up.   But almost 18 months on from the Archbishop of Canterbury’s much reported comments about payday lenders …”  Read more

from the Church Credit Champions Network

For Lent 2015, CCCN have developed the Seeing Change Course. The course is based on the Old Testament book of Nehemiah and draws parallels between Nehemiah’s rebuilding of Jerusalem and our attempts to rebuild our communities.
The course will help you to look at the ways in which you and your church can listen to the needs of the local community and respond in a way which combines charity and justice. There are five sessions, each with an accompanying video, which take you through the five weeks of Lent concluding with an introduction the the MoneyTalks tool for churches.
Watch the preview video.


The new price cap on payday loans was introduced on 2nd January 2015 meaning that all short-term credit is now capped at a daily rate of 0.8%, default charges cannot exceed £15 and the maximum paid back cannot exceed twice what the lender borrowed.
The Guardian reported on the introduction of the cap and the Church of England’s involvement in supporting community based alternatives to high cost credit.
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‘Banks must be people-centred,’ says Archbishop of Canterbury

On Monday 19th January, Archbishop Justin Welby spoke at Society and Financial Inclusion: The Next Move Forward, a conference organised by HSBC and Lloyds to raise issues of financial inclusion.
He highlighted the contribution of the Church of England through the Church Credit Champions Network, Task Group and LifeSavers initiative. His speech also raised important questions about access to banking in deprived areas and support for small businesses.
Read the full speech here