Faraday Institute: upcoming Faith & Science seminars

January 2022 Newsletter No. 184
We are pleased to invite you to the start of our research seminar series for Lent Term 2022
Online Zoom webinars and hybrid events at 1pm UK time

The acceleration of neuroscientific research over the last few decades has meant that we now understand more about the human brain than ever before. Alongside this is the view that everything we say, think and do, is dictated by the activity of our brains. According to some, neuroscience doesn’t simply describe brain structure and function, it tells us who we are. What are we to make of this view? If true, this thesis has many implications, one of which is to call into question human free will. If we are just our brains then are we able to make meaningful choices or do we just do what our brains tell us? Join Dr. Sharon Dirckx this Tuesday 25th January as she unpacks the question Neuroscience & Free Will: Are we just driven by our brains?
25th January
Dr Sharon Dirckx [Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics]
‘Neuroscience & Free Will: Are we just driven by our brains?’ 
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8th February
Prof. Steve Furber [Manchester University]
‘Brains, Minds and AI – Implications for Faith and Ethics’
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22nd February
Prof. Neil Messer [University of Winchester]
‘Cognitive Science and Religious Faith’
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8th March
Revd Dr Joanna Collicutt [Oxford University]
‘Psychosis and Religious Experience’ 
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The Faraday Institute Summer Course 2022
Theme: Science and Faith Perspectives on the Art of Being Human
Save the date: Sunday 3rd – Friday 8th July 2022
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