A razor-sharp spire at Yazor, St Mary, keeping watch over the Wye

Blink and you’ll miss the hamlet of Yazor. But driving along the A480 there is no missing this rocket-ship of a spire, the mid-nineteenth-century folie de saintété of the Prices of Foxley. The cost broke them, it’s said, but happily the Davenports who bought the estate took the church to the heart, and it served as the parish church for a century or so before the costs also outran the pockets of the local parishioners and the Churches Conservation Trust stepped in to give it a decent retirement.

The old lady still enjoys having visitors, and we called on her earlier today. You’ll need to park carefully on the verge of the main road, and follow the overgrown footpath marked by the brown sign, before trying the doorknob which looks shut fast, but isn’t.

Inside, as the guide-board says, there is still a whiff of incense in the air, as the architecture reaches as relentlessly upwards as the churchmanship. The huge Tortoise must have kept the worshippers warm in body as well in spirit, and we enjoyed the harvest-ish window celebrating a Davenport wedding, and the cunningly hinged pews for the Sunday school children in the stubby north transept, allowing it double for other use.

Do call by if you’re passing and pay your respects – and say a prayer too.