Resting in Peace at Bishop’s Caundle

Bishop’s Caundle is just outside Sherborne, a quiet hamlet whose church (no dedication) feels sleepily quiet too. So it makes a fine final resting place for one of Jean’s great-grandfathers the Revd Henry Edmund Legh who had his last incumbency here, dying in 1913.

He had a troubled life, and it is good to see his simple cross catching the light by the church and rectory that he held.

One thought on “Resting in Peace at Bishop’s Caundle

  1. Good to see the graves have been cleaned up. The whole graveyard was in a deplorable state when I last visited in 2016, I would not have been able to recognise Eddie’s grave had I not identified it c1994 (And always a delight to see Jean in photos!)

    Anne Willoughby 21 Carstensz Street Griffith, Canberra ACT 2603 Australia

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