A Tale of two Thomas Hardy’s: Dorchester St Peter

We called in at the “other” Dorchester today – well other to someone who has had a long association with Oxford. St Peter’s is no abbey, and while it’s noble tower is tall enough to peep above the skyline, at ground level it is lost in the streetscape.

Inside the interior is on the dark and even a tiny bit dank side, contrasting rather strongly with Sherborne its neighbour. Jean suggested, and I agreed, that one of the best features was in fact the faux-Leonardo reredos and mosaic work either side of it.

What I shall remember the church for though are its two Thomas Hardy’s: one an early benefactor who has a fine memorial plaque near the door, and the other the poet/novelist who began life by training as an architect, and as a junior drew up a plan for restoration works to the church. I bet he got his wrist slapped for signing the plans and not leaving the principal to claim the glory …

2 thoughts on “A Tale of two Thomas Hardy’s: Dorchester St Peter

  1. I am sorry that you found St Peter’s dark and dank. We went to Sunday eucharist on a visit to Dorchester in the spring – and found it a fine perp church, as well as splendidly hospitable to visitors. I bet they’d never have kept those plans if they’d just been signed by Hicks!

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