Two St Thomas’s at Credenhill

Our grandchildren, who live just outside Hereford, go to school at Credenhill, famous for its connections with the SAS on the one hand and with Thomas Treherne, the poet, and Charles Henry Bulmer, apple-expert and founder of the cider dynasty on the other.

The real eye-catcher is the little panel of stained glass in the chancel, showing the two St Thomas’s – Becket of Canterbury on the left (note his archiepiscopal cross rather than crozier) and Cantilupe of Hereford on the right. Cantilupe was canonised in 1320 (major celebrations are planned for the 700th anniversary) and the absence of a halo, and the general style which feels very early if it is fourteenth century, has led Richard Marks to suggest that it was made as part of the propaganda for the sainting.

Anyway, the saints are show blessing, and we felt well-blessed to meet them,