Loving one another

I’m glad to see my Ely ‘Farewell Sermon’ over at

https://bpdt.wordpress.com/2018/09/23/farewell-sermon/ is getting good traffic. It’s on the eternal theme of Loving One Another.

As I look back (and look forward) taking this really seriously seems crucial. How couldn’t it?

If we do not love as Christ has loved us, we are not in him, and do not share his life. If we do not follow his command to love, his Spirit is not sent to us. If we are not loving one another then we are not the body of Christ and not his Holy Church.

I’ve sometimes read that “one another” means the commandment only applies between <genuine> Christians. Some of the many one-another sayings are indeed focussed on the body of believers, but when it comes to love, Jesus breaks down every barrier, and there can be no mandate to do other than love brothers and sisters, neighbours and enemies alike.

That is what the love of Jesus is like, given to us when we were yet sinners. That is what our love must be like too.