A letter for Creation: from Hong Kong

‘The City faces enormous challenges to do with housing, clean water, environmental protection, ecological and bio-diversity, and climatic pollution. In these respects Hong Kong is particularly vexed by its situation: not only as part of the most populous nation on earth – China – in the most economically diverse continent – Asia – but also as a port on the shores of the busiest shipping lanes in the world. These are realities that must be faced and addressed as constructively as possible, something that the Anglican Church of Hong Kong seeks to do by always engaging with civil and political society. In a city like Hong Kong there is no future in being outside of these discussions: truly caring for our city and our part of creation means being part of the way forward and part of its future. Our mission is to God’s Kingdom in the midst of this world: being God’s companions means walking these same streets and living in these endlessly crowded communities, with and for one another.’ 
Most Reverend Paul Kwong,  Archbishop of Hong Kong

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