Very excited about the Engage Awards 2018

We’ve reached the deadline for applications for the 2018 round of Engage Awards, which the Cambridgeshire Historic Churches Trust presents to recognise building projects in Cambs churches and chapels which have helped them connect more with their community (the best way of keeping them in good shape!). And once again by God’s grace we have just the right number of entries to match the funds available, and they look great – clock restoration, floor levelling, path lighting, bellrefurbishing, space making, better illumination, loos and kitchens of course, and turning a balcony into a meeting place for those for whom trad church doesn’t do it. All reaching out, improving access, offering a big warm invitation, in very practical ways. So it’s over to our judge now to see if they make the grade … And then watch out for the Award tour on 8-9 September to co-incide with Ride, Drive and Stride and the Heritage Open Days.