Funding round open for Cambridgeshire community grants

Cambs County Council has announced new Summer and Autumn funding rounds for Cambridgeshire County Council’s Innovate & Cultivate Fund. The aim of the fund is to support initiatives that strengthen our communities and reduce pressure on County Council services, thereby giving a return on investment. Council services that are inviting applications include adult social care, children and families services, and the waste service.

So how do you apply?

The fund is open to voluntary, community and social enterprise sector organisations based in and outside of Cambridgeshire, and public sector organisations in Cambridgeshire.

The Innovate and Cultivate Fund has two funding streams: a ‘Cultivate’ stream for small grants of £2,000-£10,000 aimed at encouraging local networks where people help themselves and each other, and an ‘Innovate’ stream for larger grants of up to £50,000 larger grants of up to £50,000, for big projects with big ideas that demonstrate an innovative approach within one of the seven funding priorities for Cambridgeshire

Application deadlines are:

1 August – small ‘cultivate’ grants

1 November – large ‘innovate’ grants and small ‘cultivate’ grants


Watch Innovate and Cultivate Fund short film

Book an Innovate and Cultivate Fund application advice session

Do you want to talk through your ideas before you submit your application?  If so, bookings are now open for our Innovate and Cultivate Fund Advice Session on Wednesday 27 June, 9:30am-11:30am at Shire Hall, Cambridgefor applicants planning to submit on 1 August. Please book here.

Another advice session will be held on Monday 24 September, 9:45am-12pm at March Community Centre for applicants planning to submit on 1 November (bookings not yet available – please email to be added to the circulation list).

If you have any queries about the application advice sessions please email  Cambridgeshire Community Foundation can answer questions about applying for the Fund

Applications and further information about the fund may be found on the Cambridgeshire Community Foundation website, including eligibility and how to apply, is given below but three important points to note are that all projects must

  • be either new, or build on an existing project in a new location or with new beneficiaries
  • show that they will reduce pressure on council services and/or offer direct savings for the council.
  • focus on one (or more) of the seven key outcomes (see below) that are prioritised by Cambridgeshire County Council for Cambridgeshire residents.

Cambridgeshire County Council is working hard to make Cambridgeshire a great place to call home, where people live independently and safely in strong communities that help and support each other. To realise the Council’s vision, there is focus on seven key outcomes for Cambridgeshire residents:

1. Older people live well independently.
2. People with disabilities live well independently.
3. Adults and children at risk of harm are kept safe.
4. Places that work with children help them to reach their potential.
5. The Cambridgeshire economy prospers to the benefit of all residents.
6. People live in a safe environment.
7. People lead a healthy lifestyle and stay healthy for longer.

The Innovate & Cultivate Fund will now focus on the key areas that will support this vision and will invest in initiatives that specifically help to achieve these outcomes.