Celebrating Matthias – and Joseph Barsabbas

Matthias we have heard of. He’s the apostle chosen in Acts 1 to replace Judas. But who is this Joseph Barsabbas. No, not Barabbas. No, not Joseph husband of Mary either, though confusingly this Joseph were also Justus. He was the apostle who was not chosen. Know the feeling?

If you have a raw spot there, don’t stop at Acts 1; go to John 17 which was paired with it yesterday. Look how Jesus speaks of all those who are his, not just the inner circle. Speaks of you.

He is (is) praying for you. He is protecting you. He is promising you joy. He is preserving you in truth. All by the power of his Holy Spirit.

You did not choose me but I chose you

and I appointed you to go out and bear fruit, the fruit that shall last. Alleluia.