A Journey with John

JohnThis is a little book “Journey with John” that I wrote some 15 years ago. I’ve got a pile of copies available to give to good homes. They didn’t quite fall off the back of a lorry, but when the book was first published the print run got lost between the printer and publisher so a reprint had to be done, and when the original ones turned up it was too late to sell them. So they ended up in my garage, and I have decided it is time to let them out to play, gratis, to anyone local who can use them. So 300 or so are in my office and my PA Jo (01353 662137) is waiting for your call to reserve the quantity you would like and arrange a collection time.

The book was based on Holy Week addresses at Carlisle Cathedral, and is laid out with supporting material so that, for instance, a small group could meet each day during Holy Week and use as food for the pilgrimage.