New Christian Aid Co-ordinator in Cambridgeshire


My name is Pam Richardson and I am the new Legacies Regional Coordinator for Christian Aid in Cambridgeshire. I have taught in secondary schools for the last twenty-five years, but now I am looking forward to working with groups and churches throughout Cambridgeshire and beyond to further the work of Christian Aid.

Christian Aid’s belief is that every single human being is created in the image of God and so deserves infinite respect and care, and a life of dignity and worth. We also believe that the continued existence of poverty and inequality in such a plentiful world is a scandal that must be ended.

We work for and with people of all faiths and none to ensure that people who are living in poverty and marginalised people have the security, livelihoods, food, power and rights they need to live life to the full. We bring urgent support to those in crisis and we also invest in long term programmes of change, helping communities to become more resilient, to have better access to services like healthcare, and to flourish economically. We also campaign for justice relentlessly to ensure a more equal sharing of power in the world.

My job is two-fold: one, to encourage and support those who already support Christian Aid in Cambridgeshire and to encourage others to do so and, two, to encourage supporters to consider continuing their giving beyond their life by leaving a legacy, enabling the work they believed in to continue as the culmination of a lifetime of generous planned giving.

Please contact me to talk about the work of Christian Aid in ending poverty.