Evangelistic Preaching: A workshop for Occasional Preachers

Led by Canon Roger Spiller

St Andrew’s Church Hall, Chesterton, Cambridge, CB4 1DT

Saturday 30th September 10.00am to 4.00pm

(a light lunch will be provided)

The workshop will provide the opportunity to explore theological and practical questions that arise from the task of evangelistic preaching.  In the first session we will consider what makes for evangelistic preaching,   why the emphasis on ‘words and hearing’, as the predominant mode of Christian discipleship, what is ‘good’ in the good news and how the gospel may be both true to the witness of Scripture and rediscovered by our contexts and circumstances. We will also consider the need for evangelistic preaching in our faith communities and what changes we would expect to result from it. Session 2 will consider the use of the Bible in preaching and how we avoid the pitfalls of either allowing our use of the Bible to get in the way of evangelistic preaching, on the one hand, or, of sitting lose to the text of Scripture as we regurgitate our favourite evangelistic address, on the other.  Session 3 will explore how preaching may be shaped so as to recreate the newness and surprise of the gospel and precipitate a response from the congregation.

The workshop will be interactive and include input and group work on biblical texts and plotting evangelistic preaching.

9:30 – 10:00 Arrival and Coffee

10:00  Session 1.  How far do we all need to be evangelised by the preaching?

11:30  Session 2.   How can Scripture resource, rather than impede evangelistic preaching?

1:45   Session 3     How to plot our preaching to create the newness and surprise of the gospel.    

About the tutor:

Canon Roger Spiller, (formerly Director of Ministry and DD for Coventry Diocese) is Vice Chair of the College of Preachers. His passion for evangelism and evangelistic preaching was inspired by the ministry of one who has been described as the greatest evangelist in the Church of England during the 20th century, Canon Bryan Green, who as well as Rector of Birmingham spent several months every year leading large missions across the world.  He also co-founded the College of Preachers.

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