Subsidised Accommodation for Faith Workers on the University’s North West Cambridge Development

The University of Cambridge are making accommodation available for “faith workers” in their new development at Eddington (North West Cambridge). The text of their advertisement is reprinted below. As you will see, the terms are very widely drawn. I would be very interested to hear from any Church of England members who would be interested in applying as they will need some sort of vouching-for by the denomination.

Applications are sought for tenants for the faith worker units in the University of Cambridge’s affordable, subsidised homes in the new North West Cambridge development at Eddington. There are three 1-2 bed units available for faith workers, suitable for a couple and up to 1 child. More details of the available units are available here.

The vision for the North West Cambridge development is to create a new district and extension to the city, centred around a mixed academic and urban community, a place that is sustainable, long lasting and ambitious offering a high quality of life to enhance both the City and the University.

Rent for units on the site is calculated in relation to total household income in order to make it as affordable as possible. Tenants pay a maximum of 30% of their net salary as rent. In the case of the faith worker units, provision will be made to accommodate tenants who receive no direct salary and are supported to work for a faith organisation on an entirely voluntary basis. Tenancies are granted for one year, and may be renewed up to a total of three years.

Tenants of the faith worker units will be required to contribute from a faith perspective to community building activities in this new community and be a source of pastoral support for residents of all faiths and none. Tenants will be expected to coordinate this activity with the other available community resources, particularly the Storey’s Field Community Centre, and to draw on the networks of faith organisations within the Collegiate University and the City. Tenants will be supported by the University of Cambridge Multi Faith Forum.

There will be no set number of hours of community work at Eddington required by the tenancy, but the nature and impact of this work will be assessed by a panel from the Multi Faith Forum during each year of the tenancy as a condition of renewal.

To be eligible for a tenancy in the faith worker units, applicants must work or volunteer for a faith organisation for at least 18 hours per week. Applications are open to anyone who fulfils this criteria. You do not have to work for the University or a College.

If you would like further details or to make an application, please contact Nicky Blanning, Head of the Accommodation Service by email Applicants will be asked to submit evidence of their employment or volunteer work with a faith organisation, a CV and a statement of interest explaining what kind of community work they envisage undertaking.

Applications for the initial allocation of units should be received by 31 July 2017. Dates for taking up the tenancy are flexible between 1 August 2017 until 30 March 2018, depending on the circumstances of the successful applicants.