Engage Awards 2017

CHCT logoThe Diocese of Ely is encouraging its churches “to engage fully and courageously with the needs of our communities” – and re-imagining our church buildings is named as a vital way of supporting that ambition.

The Trust is encouraging such re-imagining and engagement by presenting ten Engage Awards each year for three years (we are in year 2) in recognition of good work done in that direction, by churches of any denomination, large or small.

The awards will be small – just £100 – but well-reported, and the Chair of the Trust aims to tour the recipient churches on our annual Ride, Drive and Stride Day (9th Sep this year) to present them in person. Churches seeking awards are asked to participate in this day, which raises money for them as well as the Trust.


Any church of any denomination in Cambridgeshire can apply. Sadly the Trust Deeds of the CHCT only allow it to support churches in Cambridgeshire, so while Cambridgeshire churches in other dioceses are eligible, Diocese of Ely churches in other counties are not.

The church must have completed a building project (large or small) within the last two years (i.e. between1 July 2015 and 1 July 2017) that helps it to engage with its community. The project must have received permissions and approvals such as a Faculty where needed.


Please use the provided form and submit it and your supporting evidence by email to the Chair at bishop.huntingdon@elydiocese.org. Any queries can be directed to the same address. The closing date for applications is July 1st to give good time for independent judging and arrangement of the presentations.


An out-of-county independent judge with experience of church building projects will adjudicate the awards on the basis of the applications, and their decision will be final. Applicants not receiving an award will be presented with a Commendation.


Engage Awards Application Form 2017
Engage Awards flier 2017
Engage Awards Further Details 2017