Wouldn’t it be great if… #12

A Church or group of Churches developed a vision for setting up a new Missional Community for young people to be a part of and invite their friends along to!

This could be birthed as a next step coming out of an existing School CU or Lunchtime group?

A group of churches merging their youth-groups together (on a monthly basis?) to see a new missional group come about to engage the young people and encourage the christian young people to be equipped and confident to invite their friends along. With a missional edge, grant-funding from the LOCAL MISSION PROJECT FUND could be considered to help support a growing group which is reaching out to un-churched Young people

Why not make a bid into our Ely2025 Growth Fund or (for smaller projects) the Local Mission Project Fund? We’ve already awarded £94,000 to projects, and there is £400,000 still waiting in the bank for you!