How high is that steeple in the distance?

2017-03-09 17.08.10Canterbury quadrant

I beg your pardon (as you hear the title of this blog sung to the tune of “How much is that doggy in the window?”). Bishop David has finally lost it. And your suspicion is confirmed when you find that he spent yesterday afternoon making a large cardboard version (left) of a very small (5cm square) object dropped by a Canterbury pilgrim in the time of Chaucer. What is going on?

What’s going on are preparations for a curtain-raiser at the annual conference of Cambridgeshire Historic Churches Trust (I chair it) on all things high up in our old churches from angels to roofbeams. You’ll see the full line of stellar speakers below and details of how to book. Or download here 2017 Booking Form

And the objects above? Well, you’d better come along and find out…

2017 Booking Form Draft 61024_1

2017 Booking Form Draft 61024_2