Lent through the Lens

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Wow, what a take-up there’s been. When priest-photographer Steve Radley popped the question to me about a Lent group based on photography I was all ears because I love making images, but I wasn’t too sure how it would work – especially as we have a great diocesan Lent Course All Loves Excelling on the go. We agreed to hold a small party for interested contacts and try a pilot. Steve hit on the idea of doing through a Facebook Group rather than actual meetings, and goodness me – 120 people have joined. The idea is that each of us tries to make an image each day as a way of looking afresh at the world around us and holding it in prayer. And some mighty fine images there are too from the fully professional through to the quick snaps. I’m somewhere in between, and the shot here was taken this afternoon as I sallied forth into Ely after a heavy shower and a long morning working on the funeral arrangements for my dad who died last week. It’s a standard puddle shot of course, with a bit of punch added in Enlight (a nifty iPhone filter app which I over-use mercilessly) – but it summed up how things are for me at the moment nicely.

Search for “Lent through the Lens” on FB to find out more.

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