Wouldn’t it be great if… #4

Churches within a Deanery (or Hub) developed a joined-up pattern of meeting regularly together with their young people (fortnightly/monthly), to increase their numbers, capacity for Leader input, and to help encourage the young people (and Volunteer leaders) to see that there ARE other Christian young people in their local area. These gatherings could be served by Ely Diocese providing discounted youthwork resources, input into training Youth-leaders in Discipleship, help with developing a Vision & Strategy for their Youthwork etc. In time, such a collaboration across the Churches could apply to the GROWTH FUND for a Youth Worker to help resource their growing Youthwork, potentially based in local Secondary Schools or out of an agreed centralised base.

Why not make a bid into our Ely2025 Growth Fund or (for smaller projects) the Local Mission Project Fund? We’ve already awarded £94,000 to projects, and there is £400,000 still waiting in the bank for you!