Next Science meets Faith lecture at Wesley Memorial Church Cambridge

Science Meets Faith lectures are held at Wesley on the second Monday of the month from October to June, 7.15 pm for 7.45 pm. The next meeting is on Monday, 9 January 2017, at 7.45 p.m when Dr Rhoda Hawkins will speak on “Cells, cancer and Christianity: a physicist’s perspective”

Rhoda will talk about her own work using physics, mathematics and computers to obtain a better understanding about the working of biological cells. In particular she will focus on how cells move. After presenting the behaviour at the cellular scale, she will delve into more microscopic subcellular details and talk about the key molecules involved. After this reductionist approach, reducing a cell to component molecules, she will return to the cellular level and consider emergent properties. She will describe how mathematical models can predict cellular behaviour. Then she will discuss her current work applying this cell migration work to cancer metastasis, i.e. to how cancer spreads around the body. In addition to presenting the science, she will also draw out the ways in which her Christian faith interacts with her scientific work. The science that she studies leads her to wonder at the intricate complexities and beauty of creation, and this leads to worship. Seeking a deeper understanding of the world around us through science is a form of worship. This deeper scientific understanding can also lead to applications that enable us to better fulfil God’s calling to care for the world and for the people that God has made.