Ely Open Seminar: The Scientific World of Bishop Grosseteste


The Ely series of events on science and faith resumes on Saturday 11th February, 9.30-12.30 at the Old Palace, when friends from the Ordered Universe Project will lead an open seminar on “The Scientific World of Bishop Robert Grosseteste: Medieval and Modern Science”. Never heard of him? He was an enormously active Bishop of Lincoln in the 13th century when the Diocese of Lincoln itself was enormous, covering a fifth of England’s population. He had previously been the first “chancellor” at Oxford University, translated works from the Greek, and wrote important works of both theology and science, with a real claim to be the first modern physicist. The physics of the rainbow? How sound is made and propagated? The Big Bang (sort of …)? He got there before us. And his theory of why learning and education including science matter as part of the great human project of participating in the re-ordering of a fallen world back into the divine purpose is still powerful now. Intrigued now? Then come and join us: no booking needed.