Can you offer a ministry of care?


Ely Diocese Mission  are supporting a presentation from Parish Nursing Ministries. Please bring your lay ministers and interested supporters / pastoral assistants who are passionate about seeing  the reality of whole person health care throughout the communities in which you live.

Health and healing were very much part of the ministry of Jesus and of the early church. Monks and Nuns formed our early hospitals, and Florence Nightingale was a theologian as well as a nurse. In the nineteenth century churches employed deaconesses who originally had to be nurses and often went about in the community in nurse’s uniform. This was seen as part of the mission of the church, and today we have the opportunity to engage in that aspect of God’s mission more fully.

We have found that the appointment of a parish nurse encourages volunteering in the congregation and community; 

If you’d like to know more, come and hear how we can help you develop your church in this mission.

The evening will Include testimony of how churches in the Ely diocese have set up and supported a Parish Nurse, opportunity to ask questions of Parish Nursing leadership, parish nurses and churches currently engaged in this amazing ministry?

Event summary:

Parish Nursing. What could Parish Nursing offer your church?
Date: Wednesday 18 January 2017
Time: 7.30pm
Venue: Hildersham Church, Linton, CB1 6BQ

To book: email