Living Nativity at Ely wows at light-up

As dusk was falling strange characters started to appear on the streets of Ely. No, not Ditto from Pokémon Go, though I see he has entered our local gyms. Not fairytale figures from Aladdin, though they were on the way. No: it was a bunch of shepherds straight out of the Bible who stopped me on Palace Green and asked if I knew where the baby was, before hurrying off down High Street. And then I saw the camels. Sailing off down the Gallery with royal riders in splendid attire. A little later, coming back past the Cathedral (see photo) if was the kings who had finally made it to the manger, led by a trumpeter making a fine old noise, with the Cathedral Lantern shining a royal purple above them. What fun, and what a way to launch the run-up to Christmas. Thankyou!