Towards life in all its fulness

Here’s our new diocesan Church Buidings Consultant in full flow, telling our Bishop’s Council about a turn round in our work with parishes about their buildings. He is seeing and encouraging all sorts of building developments (even ones that generate money not just costing it); his colleague Sue the department’s admin is also a former senior heritage grants officer now helping our parishes make successful applications; and their boss Frances has restructured the DAC processes to work much better, got the website working, and is about to use her legal background to find forgotten parish trusts to help all our work.

And all that is just one agenda item on our Bishop’s Council, alongside looking at new investment to help our kay ministers, video of our young people talking about what helps them be confident as Christian disciples, and preparations for a serious project to make life in our market towns much fuller in every way. It’s a great product programme and so a great challenge- but we have a great God. Please pray!