Ely Science Seminar this coming Saturday: Getting to Grips with BIG QUESTIONS About Science and Religion

Q Mark

Do you ever wonder how science and religion can work well together? Or puzzle about the ethical questions science can raise? An innovative Saturday morning seminar on just these issues is being held in Ely on October 15th in the Old Palace Lecture Room (next to the Cathedral) between 10.00 and 12.30am. Three Cambridge post-doctoral researchers are currently working in science labs at the University to help them reflect on the big ethical questions that their work raises. On Saturday Professor Sarah Coakley will chair a quick-fire 10 minute talk by each of them, with time for questions and discussions afterwards. Admission is free and there is no need to book: just turn up.

The three researchers are Dr. Daniel De Haan who will speak on‘Has Neuroscience Disproved Free Will?; Dr. Peter Woodford on ‘Is Evolutionary Cooperation the Natural Foundation of Ethics?’; Dr. Natalja Deng on‘Can Cosmological Fine-Tuning Constitute An Argument for God’s Existence?’

For further details please contact the Bishop of Huntingdon’s office
bishop.huntingdon@elydiocese.org 01353 662137