There has been another theft of lead, this time at Cockley Cley in the Diocese of Norwich, close to Ely Diocese’s eastern border.

The thefts to date have typically been in clusters on consecutive nights at nearby churches, so we want to warn everyone – and those in the Fincham & Feltwell Deanery  particularly – to be on the alert over the next few weeks.

Lead is heavy, so the thieves usually come with a vehicle to take it away and will try to get this as close to the building as possible, so please take whatever precautions you can to deter them.  

Can you do any or all of the following?

· Chain and padlock the gates to the churchyard

· Make sure the gate can’t be lifted off its hinges

· Block access by parking a car or trailer in the way

· Ask neighbours to leave lights on timers and ask them to call the police if they see any unusual activity

· Paint the backs of drainpipes with anti-climb paint

· Putting up signs on noticeboards (but not fixed to the building) to say the building is alarmed (even if it is not). Convincing-looking signage is available very cheaply and could be enough to make the thieves think twice

· Ring the Police at the first sign of trouble – they are keen to crack down on this crime.

If you see anything suspicious, please contact PC Pete Mills on 01480 422888; if you see a crime taking place, please ring 999; if you seek general information and advice on this matter please contact Geoffrey Hunter on 07961 034 780 leaving a message if there is no answer.

Let’s see if we can keep them out of Ely this time!


Church Buildings Team  – Diocese of Ely