Remembering Pilot Officer Harold Penketh at Great Fen 

It was a wonderful privilege this afternoon to dedicate the memorial at the Great Fen near Holme to Pilot Officer Harold Penketh who lost his life during the Second World War when his Spitfire crashed there. Full marks to Kate and her team of the Great Fen project who pulled together an exemplary ceremony involving Harold’s family, the military, local clergy and chaplains, many volunteers from all aspects of the project, local schoolchildren and more. 

Lord God, King of the Universe, maker and sustainer of the rich earth and environment beneath and around us and the wide skies above, we give you thanks and praise for the commitment and courage of Harold Penketh, who lost his life in this place, and whom we remember now. Hear our prayer as we dedicate this monument to his memory and to the inspiration of all who visit this place in the years to come, in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.


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