Building new friendships between church leaders in Cambridgeshire

A big thankyou to James Gardom, Dean of Pembroke College Cambridge for his initiative and hospitality in hosting a dinner with discussion and prayer yesterday for Bishop Stephen and myself; Peter Wood; Jesse Zink. whose PhD on Christianity in Africa won a major. prize recently; Pastor Wale Adebayo of KICC in Orchard Park, Abury; Pastor Idris of the Cherry Hinton branch of the RCCG (City of David parish) and his wife, and  Leo Esosa Orobor, their community organiser; Pastor Patrick of the second  RCCG church in Cambridge (City of Sion); and Dominic Oyenira who works with the African-language speakers in Cambridge’s Catholic congregations. We were also graced with the company of the Master of Pembroke Lord Smith. What a splendid evening, and one we plan to repeat with an even wider of “world church” local leaders. And we will of course be looking to build bridges between these newer denominations and our older friends in the Cambridgeshire Ecumenical Council too, with whom we are meeting shortly. Alleluia!


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