Mentoring unaccompanied asylum-seeking children in Cambridgeshire

Cambridge Refugee Resettlement Campaign (CRRC) is collaborating with the National Youth Advisory Service (NYAS) to run an event in Cambridge for people interested in ‘mentoring’ unaccompanied asylum seeking children or other children in the care system in Cambridgeshire. NYAS is contracted by Cambridgeshire County Council, the body responsible for accommodating and supporting all children in care in Cambridgeshire (including unaccompanied asylum seeking children), to provide amongst other things an ‘independent visitor’ service to those children who request an adult who is not their carer or parent involved in their lives. Organiser Adrian Matthews says: THIS IS THE BEST OPPORTUNITY WE HAVE OF DEVELOPING FORMAL LINKS WITH THE GROWING NUMBER OF UNACCOMPANIED CHILDREN LIVING IN OUR COUNTY AND HELPING THEM RECOVER AND MOVE ON IN THEIR LIVES.
The event takes place THIS COMING SATURDAY (24th September) between 10.00 am and 12.00 at the Friends Meeting House on 12 Jesus Lane, Cambridge. 

You can use the link below to sign up for this free information session on how to become an independent visitor. Please also forward this link to any friends and colleagues who you think might be interested in putting in some voluntary time to support and help an unaccompanied child.


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