Getting to Grips with Big Questions: Has Neuroscience Disproved Free Will?

Come and hear Dr Daniel De Haan speak on “Has Neuroscience Disproved Free Will?” – part of our Getting to Grips with Big Questions about Science and Religion seminar on Saturday October 15th, 10-12.30 at the Old Palace, Ely, with Professor Sarah Coakley in the chair. No need to book, but pop the date in your diary now! Coffee from 9.30.

This will be one of three short talks, with time for questions and discussion too. The others will be by Dr Peter Woodford on “Is Evolutionary Co-operation the Natural Foundation of Ethics?’ and by Dr Natalja Deng on “Can Cosmological Fine-Tuning Constitute An Argument for God’s Existence?” It promises to be a fascinating morning!

Getting to Grips poster