Rowing the eels to Ely from Whittington – in style

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Christ Church Whittington and All Saints Wretton up in West Norfolk have raised nearly £1000 for church funds by rowing to Ely, delivering a pot of eels to the Bishop as is their just and (l)awful due (as they put it in their card!). They undertook the 27 mile row in stages with thirteen oarsmen and women taking turns, with the honour of the last leg going to licensed lay minister Keith MacLeod who graced the occasion with his robes! I in return had the honour in the Bishop of Ely’s absence of receiving the eels (and buying the ice creams Smile ). The “Five Parishes” as they call themselves in this quite remote corner of Norfolk never cease to surprise me with their initiative, and it’s great to see the numbers of folk involved with church rising again as a result.