Genesta Harris: 100 not out!

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Bishopping brings its blessings, and one of them was being able to join the family friends of Genesta Harris, still active as a licensed lay minister in the diocese, at her 100th birthday party yesterday in Steeple Morden. She looked fabulous, addressed us with aplomb, and left all of us feeling that we wished we had half her energy even when we are (well some of the others) half her age. The Telegram had duly arrived along with a little note too from the Department of Work and Pensions which brought a smile to our faces. We’re glad she’s getting her money’s worth. But this was all about quality and not just quantity: what a great lady, and what an encouragement to us in our faith.

One thought on “Genesta Harris: 100 not out!

  1. I know Genesta was delighted that Bishop David attended the birthday party. Genesta enjoyed two birthday cakes, as the birthday celebration continued on Sunday too at our group service held at Abington Pigotts with a further cake and “Happy Birthday” sung at The Peace. She is an inspiration to many in these villages, giving expression to her deep faith over so many decades.

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