Multibishop Theory

One of the great mysteries of life is why bishops behave in the way they do. And indeed, why there are bishops at all. Are they part of God’s design for the Universe? Did they just evolve by chance? Is our culture “just right” for them to exist, and that’s that? (I suppose that ought to mean that they are superbly adapted to it …).

So do we just shrug our shoulders? Sounds intellectually defeatist to me. Or do we buy the God-did-it idea? But can we really believe that if bishops? Just look at them. No: there is only one answer. There must be a multitude of universes in which bishops exist and do not exist in a multitude of ways, and we just happen to have been landed with the pointy-hat ones we’ve got.

And remember: next time you disagree with the Bishop, there are a multitude of other Bishops out there who agree with you instead.

5 thoughts on “Multibishop Theory

  1. There was a danger once that bishops would become extinct, as they failed to adapt to changes in their environment. But happily they cleverly adapted by becoming more diverse (not least in terms of gender) and I think they will continue to provide sport of bishop spotters for a long time to come

  2. I understood that Bishops evolved slowly from the Desert Fathers who came in from the cold and discarding their sackcloth adopted the most vivid vestments to be obtained in the 1st Century AD, and were elected as overseers or elders by public acclaim due to their good taste.

    Or was that a bedside story told to me by a nun withdrawing the Michael in my tender years? 🙂

  3. I thought the Multiverse theory was a matter of faith – as there is no proof they exist?

    Are Multibishops the same ???………….. 😉

  4. I don’t think we could do without either you or Bishop Stephen. You both take part in so many events within the Diocese. Who would cover these? You are very much needed and we thank God for you!

  5. The important thing is that Bishops listen to anyone who is not in a pointy hat. I would love to meet one who wears a pirates hat – just like the one our Warden of Readers wears.

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