Jo Cox

I am saddened and sickened by the news of Jo Cox’s death; and deeply impressed and encouraged by the charity and hope of her husband’s statements. She has made a deep impression on our society in both her life and her death.

Coming so hard on the heels of the Orlando killings, I am praying that the growing violence, as I see it, of our world today will not take even deeper root. Nationalist sentiment and even populism are not bad in themselves but seem to have the power to unleash dark forces that threaten us all. 

Soon we will vote on “Brexit”. As readers of this blog will know, I am an “inner” not an “outer”, primarily because I believe that the project to build peace in Europe is not yet over. And each violent incident confirms me in my decision. The growth of violence in civil society was a noted precursor of previous wars.

But my immediate concern is that whatever the result of the Brexit vote, we will have a major job of rebuilding and reconciliation on our hands here in the UK. A 52-48 vote is unlikely to settle the matter. How can we as Christian people support the remaking of our unity in its wake?


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  1. I think a lot of people are scared right now. Fear has a tendency to make us retreat and mistrust anyone who seems different, and the huge task of the church and other ‘purveyors of community’ will be to try and encourage the rebuilding of trust and goodwill in the face of that fear.
    For my own part, I couldn’t sleep, so I wrote my prayers in the form of a hymn… With the challenge to affirm that, even in the face of such heartache and sorrow and anger, love wins.

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