A Different Sort of Clergy Wellbeing Survey

Cambridge University are putting on a whole Festival of Wellbeing as part of their Equality and Diversity programme. Here’s a list of all the activities they are offering. So clergy: which of these if any would you like your diocese to try? Or what would you recommend instead? Add a comment to have your say…

Addenbrooke’s Art Tour
Ballet Barre
Body Pump
Breast Awareness
Britten Sinfonia at Lunch
CAMbens – Drop In
Chaplaincy at the University
Clare College Gardens Tour
Come and Sing
Dementia: What it is and How Might it Affect You?
Disfigurement Confidence …
EngAge at the University Library – Drop In
Fitzwilliam Museum Tour
French for Beginners
Great St Mary’s Tour
Great St Mary’s Tour
Health Check Up
How To Recognise When Alcohol is a Problem…
Madingley Hall Tour
Madingley Hall Gardens Tour
Mental Health Awareness Briefing
MetCon (Metabolic Conditioning Training)
Mindfulness (Followed by Meditative Walk)
Mindfulness Taster
‘Nasty Forward Minxes’:…
New Hall Art Collection Tour
Newnham College Gardens Tour
Parker Library Tour @ Corpus Christi College
Power of Negotiation
Racquetball Taster
Recharge and Refocus
Relaxation Workshop
Running Group
SAP Open Forum
Sleep and Transition
South American Drumming
SPACE – Supporting Parents and Carers …
Squash Taster
Stress: A Manager’s Responsibility
Studio Cycling
Tea, Cake and Ergonomics – Drop In
Teacake and Ergonomics – Drop In
The Choir
Time to Write
Wellbeing & Work: Are We Making Progress?
What is Mentoring?
Wildlife Tour of Madingley Hall Grounds
Yoga @ ICE
Yoga @ Sports Centre
Yoga for Sports

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  1. Dear Maggie,

    In case you haven’t seen this!..

    Do I count as Clergy (?!) if so the only one on the list I wouldn’t put my name down for would be ‘circuits’! Ha ha!!


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