Celebrating the Queen’s Birthday at Isleham–with the greatest treasure on earth

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What an amazing group service at Isleham this morning. Union Jacks everywhere. Vivaldi’s Gloria and Zadok the Priest taken on splendidly by the combined choirs and an ensemble. And lunch afterwards in the smart church rooms which double up as the local Post Office. What’s not to like?!

Well, the preacher was rather dodgy, but he did bring along a Breeches Bible from 1599 which had turned up in his wife’s family belongings, and spoke moderately interestingly about how this book, called the greatest the world has to offer when it was presented to the Queen at her coronation, is also the book of all our family histories (the said wife was speaking on her family history to the local MU earlier in the week). In it we all, Queen and commoners alike, find the story of the great family of God to which we all belong: where we have come from, where we are going, and how to get there.

The Breeches Bible is so called because in it Adam and Eve use the fig leaves to make breeches for themselves: suitably Brit for a very British occasion.

Well done, The Three Rivers Group: it was a day to remember.