Pictures from Wisbech St Mary

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WSM was looking wonderful in the sun this morning as the benefice gathered for a joint service and the launch of the WSM2016 Appeal. The church was beautified with many fine objects by a previous Vicar, the celebrated Canon Mowbray Smith (I was told the Faculty system was invented to bring him to heel – I’ve no idea how true that is!). The present Vicar assured me that the stained glass panel was both St Peter and female (but may have been winding me up too.) I duly put my tin hat and announced that he was leaving soon after a fine innings there: the actual tin hat is one that saved Mowbray Smith’s life in the first world war.


2 thoughts on “Pictures from Wisbech St Mary

  1. An announcement went out in the usual way last week embargoed until this morning, so I am surprised that nothing was said. I will check what has happened.

  2. Oh Bishop David – do they know at St. Peter & St Paul Wisbech .? I saw several of their congregation at Walpole Flower Festival today and nothing had been announced !! David Fleming.

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