Guest Post: Messy Science

Science and Belief

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My earliest scientific memory is from when I was about five, in the mid-1960s. At school we watched a black and white TV broadcast of what must have been a Gemini rocket launch – the precursor of the Apollo moon landing programme. These events of my pre-teen years got me firmly interested in science, firstly space and astronomy and then a wider range of fields that continues today. Maybe it was my own journey that enabled me to listen to the voice of a six year old whom I was about to take around the Easter Labyrinth at the Baptist church where I serve as a minister: “You’re Dr Dave. I can’t wait until I am old enough to come to Messy Science.”

image 2 © D Gregory

The six year old had been coming along to our after school Messy Church for a while, where the Messy Science…

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