Anglican Minority Ethnic Network (AMEN) launched

For the past two years a group has been working on developing an independent network of and for minority ethnic Anglicans. Dr Elizabeth Henry (National Adviser for Minority Ethnic Anglican Concerns) is very pleased to say that the Anglican Minority Ethnic Network (AMEN) launched its website yesterday at The network is seeking both ordained and lay members. Please visit and/or join.

Messages of support:

“I am very pleased to welcome the launch of AMEN on the Feast of the Ascension of our Lord. This network will encourage Anglicans from minority ethnic communities into greater participation in the life and structures of the CofE. We rejoice that our country is culturally and racially diverse and we are working to help our Church reflect this diversity. Moreover, the mission of God calls us to reflect this rainbow community, as a sign of hope for a broken world. I pray that the Kingdom of God will continue to prosper and grow through this initiative”. The Very Rev Rogers Govender, Dean of Manchester 

“I am delighted to become a champion of AMEN. All of us, particularly those in leadership, need to be challenged about what we are doing and being to ensure that The Church of England reflects the face and voice of our country.” The Rt Rev Rachel Treweek, The Bishop of Gloucester.

“I welcome the creation of the Anglican Minority Ethnic Network.  The Church of England serves a diverse community in this country but the face and accent of our leadership often fails to match that of our demographic.  We need to value and affirm and encourage the contribution of Minority Ethnic Christians to the life of the Church of England, and I’m delighted to be working with AMEN to make this happen.” The Rt Rev Adrian Newman, The Bishop of Stepney