The EU referendum: resources and prayer

EuropeThis is a reprint of the Church of England’s web page which has been set up to provide links that Christians might find helpful ahead of the EU referendum on 23 June 2016.

I’ll make no secret of the fact that I will be personally voting to stay in, but the church corporately is aiming to resource those of all opinions.

I don’t seem to have seen any prayer materials. Please let me know if you are aware of any good ones that I can draw to people’s attention. And is anyone planning e.g. opening their church for prayer on the day or before?

Reimagining Europe

In September 2015, the Church of England and the Church of Scotland launched Reimagining Europe – a multi-disciplinary blog aimed at encouraging Christian reflection and debate ahead of the EU referendum. You can follow Reimagining Europe on twitter @ReimaginingE

Christians in Politics

Reimagining Europe has teamed up with Christians in Politics to produce a series of resources to assist Christians to think through the presenting issues and how to organise Reimagining Europe style conversations. The web material is impartial and is aimed at encouraging Christians of all political persuasions, and none, to engage in the EU referendum debate and to vote on 23 June.

Who is My Neighbour

Last February, ahead of the May 2015 General Election, the Church of England’s House of Bishops produced a pastoral letter, Who is My Neighbour? This letter urged Christians to consider the question how can we “build the kind of society which many people say they want, but which is not yet being expressed in the vision of any of the parties?” This question – how do we build the society we want – remains relevant in the context of debates about Britain’s membership of the EU.

General Synod

The Church’s thinking on the EU and wider European affairs is framed by the Synodical paper – the Church of England and Europe – July 2004. This report builds on and develops the Church’s thinking on Europe as set out in The Church of England and the Challenge of Europe (1990) and Britain in Europe (1972).

Parliamentary resources

The House of Commons Library and the House of Lords Library have set up a useful web page highlighting the analysis and comment on the in-out referendum. It offers information and reports on potential ‘Brexit’ and on remaining in the UK.

UK Campaign Groups

A range of campaign organisations exist arguing the case one way or another.

Leaving Europe

Remaining in Europe