Meet the Hildersham Ancestors


Hildersham Church have just installed a smart new loo – and in the process discovered the skeletons of their ancestors going back to Anglo-Saxon times. The BBC website covers the story, with some good photos (including the above) by local churchwarden and historian Andrew Westwood-Bate who is also active for the Cambridgeshire Historic Churches Trust.

Andrew  said they expected to “discover some bones while digging but this was completely unexpected”.

“The Victorians did a lot of work here and there are underground pipes brushing past the graves, but amazingly nothing had disturbed them.”

He believes the skeletons are Anglo-Saxon, although Cambridge University Archaeological Unit experts who examined the site, said it was not possible to be precise as bones from consecrated ground could only be removed from the land in “exceptional circumstances”.

The BBC film may be shown as a snippet on a future Songs of Praise.


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