Another lead theft,,

Breaking news: St Andrew’s Church, West Wratting suffered a lead theft on Friday. This is another outrageous incident in a long saga of thefts that hit our local communities very hard.

I’m sure the church will rally round wonderfully, but even full specialist insurance only covers part of the cost and it will be a big hill to climb. If you have a connection with the church, why not get in touch and chip in with a donation?

And please, please, please can we find way to stop this particular criminal and highly antisocial activity in its tracks. I can’t help thinking that if it had been banks that had been being targetted we would have seen an end to it by now …

One thought on “Another lead theft

  1. The Scrap Metal Act 2013, which received Royal Assent on 28 February 2013 and came into force on 1 October 2013, was welcomed as positive step towards the reduction in the level of metal theft from churches and elsewhere. However, the Act alone cannot prevent or reduce metal thefts unless supported by enforcement by the regulatory authorities, and prosecution of thefts under legislation that carries the appropriate tariffs.

    However, we should not forget that some of the greatest losses of lead from churches &c occurred as a consequence of the Reformation, either through its removal by the monarch’s officials, local landowners and villagers during the suppression of the religious houses, or as in the case of Wells Cathedral, where it was removed and sold by the Chapter itself to compensate for the loss of income following the abolition of chantries.

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