Churches Together EXCITINGLY at Cambourne

 Matthew Trick, minister at Cambourne Church, telling Cambridgeshire Ecumenical Council about the remarkable growth there and exciting plans for the future. One point for prayer he shared was: what does deepening discipleship look like in a place where small groups probably won’t thrive because z third of the population are children and another third their parents with heavy family commitments.

2 thoughts on “Churches Together EXCITINGLY at Cambourne

  1. The disciples were explicitly encouraged to become like children, and to welcome children directly into their midst. The fact that a third of this population are children is a profound blessing, not a problem. When the depth of their spirituality is taken seriously, such as through Godly Play, not only can children’s personal (and instinctive) discipleship thrive, they also can be the light to guide the way for others (adults) whose instinctive experience of God , and whose desire to relate and follow God’s invitation to love and be loved, has become suppressed. Investing in children’s discipleship requires both thinking and practices which honour the depth they are capable of, and which Jesus sees in them. This will release both a deepening discipleship in their generation, and a context where children’s discipleship can become like the leaven in Cambourne’s spiritual growth overall.

  2. It could look like Godly Play, which works so well with really mixed age groups, and can be done in worship, groups and at home.

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