Men’s Breakfast at Warboys Methodists

2016-03-26 08.24.00

Lovely shared time this morning with a room full of gents from Warboys Churches, trying to help ourselves be more confident in answering the big challenges that get thrown at us, like “Religion causes most wars”, “Jesus didn’t exist/just died and that was it”, “Science has disproved religion”. I predict some lively conversations in the local pub…


2 thoughts on “Men’s Breakfast at Warboys Methodists

  1. Wish I could attend. That unfortunate pond between us… I wish you well. Stick to the obvious- what does history tell us? Six thousand years of human history has plenty of examples to show that the Bible is the only bedrock hope of finding, creating and encouraging human dignity. Millions have been killed in the name of atheism. Ravi Zacharias Ministries is a good resource for answers to many of these questions. You can find them at

    On early Methodism, please visit my website dedicated to Methodism’s early years in Great Britain and America. The website is Enjoy the numerous articles, pictures, and free podcasts.

  2. Could do with some of your “graduates” on some of the blogs I’m on! It can get a little lonely.

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