Making connections


I’m busy tilling the ground for our diocese to play its part in the Archbishops’ Thy Kingdom Come call to prayer in the week before Pentecost. We’ll keep it fairly low key because we have big strategic stuff of our own on the go, but to focus our prayers and link us together I’m printing off some postcards (see above) that clergy can use at local gatherings, whether special to TKC or their usual meetings, to record prayerful petitions and responses – which we’ll gather up at the Cathedral at our Pentecost Praise service.

Subtle (not) news bulletin over: but as I was sharing the strain in the office this morning and guillotining the cards up, I remembered that I am actually (awful boasting) rather quick and neat at this sort of thin, and can get quite caught up in it. (RSI comes later …)

Now I posted on autism a moment ago and just maybe there’s a hint of that in there somewhere, but what actually came to mind was that my male ancestors on both sides of my family were largely artisans doing I suppose just this sort of neat and repetitive work: weaving, turning screws, sewing stays (really!), fashioning buckles, crafting colour boxes: all actual trades we find in our records.

So what do you think? Can this sort of thing be passed down the generations? Whatever: it made for a moving moment of “connection”. And now off to some very different sort of work, people-focussed and not repetitive at all, as I go to make a regular “how are you?” visit to one of our clergy, talk to someone about how our regional training can work well in the future, and then confirm some great kids at Kimbolton School.